Courses... Sales Pages... Sales Funnels... Email Campaigns... Email Automation... Social Media... 
It's something that we ALL use to build on our businesses, but... sometimes they're a flop. 
I want to ask you something: What does your conversion rate look like right now?
1%?... 8%?... 10%, if you're 'lucky'? 
I want to tell you a 'secret'... It's possible to convert at approximately 30%, not just once... not just twice... but CONSISTENTLY - you're laughing at me... Right?!  
It's not a 'secret'... IT IS POSSIBLE! This is what I do... CONSISTENTLY!
And, I'm here to share ALL of MY 'secrets' with YOU!
So, just in case you haven't read my article in Badassery Mag: Who Am I?

I'm the crazy lady behind 3 businesses [yes 3]: Sian Elizabeth Virtual Services; Virtual Creative Collab and Conversion Queens. 
I began my online business journey in October 2016, after making the decision that I would NEVER return to a 9-5 after having had a breakdown. I was 'broken'... Having to ‘re-start’ my life at nearly 35 [which made me feel like an EPIC failure].  

I decided that I could launch a VA business, and I did... within a day! Through sheer hard work and the determination that failure was not an option, I became successful!  
In April 2017, knowing that I had MORE to GIVE, I launched Virtual Creative Collab, Coaching & Mentoring VAs. I KNEW their struggle, having faced it head on herself and KNEW that I could support others to become a wildly successful VAs too.  I suddenly had a second successful business on my hands, and was 'somehow' converting at approximately 30% consistently. 

I gained the nickname, ‘Conversion Queen’. This is when I realized that I had EVEN MORE in me: if I could convert at 30%, why couldn't every other female entrepreneur and business owner? 

My new mission was born: The Conversion Queens! You see, with me, I don't keep what I know a 'secret' - I want EVERYONE to be able to do the same as me...  

Product and Service launches do NOT need to be 'painful'

You do NOT have to put in all that effort and then sit there and wonder if you'll see ANY conversions

You can CONSISTENTLY convert at 30% [if not more], EVERY SINGLE TIME!
Ready for a journey to Destination Glitter?
Ready to collect your crown?
This awesome AF workbook will GIVE you the DIRECTIONS you NEED to head straight to DESTINATION GLITTER! 
  • 15 pages of glitter encrusted value!
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  • Audience Checklist 
  • 'Showing Up' Workbook 
  • Queen Level Workbook
  •  Blank Space to Map out your journey to Destination Glitter 
Are you ready to STOP just throwing shit out there and 'hoping' it'll work "this time"?

Are you ready to STOP worrying that you 'won't convert like you want to?

Are you ready to become a QUEEN of CONVERSIONS? 

Here are your DIRECTIONS to head straight to DESTINATION GLITTER! 
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